Felix Schoeller India

Maharashtra Roadshow

“Maharashtra Roadshow: Rural Tour Showcases Products and Boosts Awareness”
In a remarkable three-month endeavor, Felix Schoeller embarked on a comprehensive roadshow across the rural heartlands of Maharashtra. The roadshow, which unfolded in Jalgaon, Malegaon, Malkapur, Nashik, Satara, Solapur, Latur, Sangli, Ahmednagar, and Kolhapur, aimed to showcase the company’s innovative Photo Paper and to raise awareness among the rural populace.
The responses from the communities were overwhelming, with an impressive turnout at each location. Felix Schoeller successfully engaged with local dealers, photographers, and small-scale distributors, introducing them to Felix Schoeller’s product range and services offered
• Compu Color – A wide range of digital and photo paper
• S-Race Dye Sublimation paper
• E-Photo
• Fine Art Media

The roadshow not only provided an opportunity for firsthand interaction with potential customers but also served as a platform to address queries and concerns in various rural parts of the state.
Over three months, the roadshow attracted significant footfall, indicating a keen interest among residents in the showcased products. The enthusiastic response from customers underscored the objective and effectiveness of taking products directly to the people, particularly in rural areas where access to such opportunities may be limited.
The success of the event underscores the importance of reaching out to rural areas, fostering connections, and creating awareness about the com products that can positively impact these communities. The team behind the roadshow expressed satisfaction with the positive feedback received and the genuine interest shown by the attendees.