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We are pleased to reflect on our impactful presence at the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair (CEIF) 2024, where our booth, B12, became a hub for forging new bonds and strengthening old ones. The exhibition which was held from 11th Jan to 13th Jan 2024 served as the ideal platform for the unveiling of our new global brand identity and the launch of our revamped logo which symbolizes our commitment to making life better through paper. This can be summarized as “Paper Made for Life”.

Felix Schoeller which is now a Pan-India brand with distributors and dealers spread across all regions, has had a strong foothold in the speciality paper industry for its unmatched high-quality photographic and digital printing papers and media mainly from Germany.

The entire product range of ‘Compu Color’ branded resin-coated, cast-coated and archival photo papers were on display along with the renowned ‘S-Race’ sublimation paper. The new ‘PicPrints’ line of economical photo papers was also showcased and customers had the opportunity to purchase samples for use as well.

The new Felix Schoeller logo and brand promise were the highlight of our booth. The purpose of our participation went beyond showcasing our products, it was about forging meaningful connections with potential customers and industry leaders. We also met our long-term partners coming from all over India to foster even closer collaboration and connections.

As our CEO and Managing Director Mr. Rajan Vaswani stated, “Felix Schoeller brings technical expertise in paper making coupled with innovation and creativity which is world-class and goes beyond paper. We will continue our efforts to provide futuristic products and solutions to our customers which help them to grow their business”.

We got some feedback from German colleagues and customer after experiencing our Felix Schoeller India booth at CEIF2024

Our German colleague – Nikolai Geres mentioned: – I’m impressed by Felix Schoeller new logo showcased at CEIF 2024.
The contemporary design beautifully captures your commitment to leading-edge technology. Great work team!

PicPrint Bangalore – Mr. Yugal
A round of applause for Felix Schoeller for their new logo at CEIF 2024! The design is not just visually stunning but also a perfect representation of your tech innovation by harnessing the power of paper.

Net Park Chennai- Mr. Gururaj
The design is a testament to your innovative spirit and dedication to pushing technological boundaries. Wish to have a long-term partnership with Felix Schoeller India.

Sheth Brothers (Kolkata) – Mr. Gaurav Sheth
The new logo unveiled at CEIF 2024 by Felix Schoeller team is a visual triumph! Its sleek design perfectly aligns with your cutting-edge products. Bravo on this bold, modern statement.

The CEIF 2024 was more than just a showcase — it was a triumph! We look forward to more such creative collaborations with industrial experts and professionals in the world of digital printing papers.

As we wrap up an inspiring stint at CEIF 2024, Felix Schoeller India is geared up for the road ahead. The connections established and the positive reception of our new brand identity fuel our optimism. Looking ahead, we see a future where we stand at the forefront of innovation, setting new benchmarks and redefining industry norms.

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